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How To Bring More Creativity Into Your Work: Part 2

Part 2: Here are 3 more tips on how to enhance your creativity in your workplace.



1.    Reward Out of The Box Thinking


This is your invitation to welcome occasional chaos into your day. Sit somewhere different or do something different than usual. Brainstorm with a weekly buddy and switch buddies if you can.


Encourage new ideas and ask coworkers what they think about certain things to invite them to share their thoughts and insights on whatever your company / personal goals are that you are working toward.


Ask interesting questions to transform the conversation. According to BI Worldwide, “Instead of looking at the past and anchoring a future in what has been, powerful questions cast a vision forward. They drive possibility. When an organization wants to unleash the power of innovation and really drive creativity, powerful questions can be one of the tools they use.”


Consider asking questions like:


1.  What if we got this right? 

2.  What is holding us back from being better? 

3.  What am I willing to risk to be more fully engaged?  

4.  How can we get 1% better each day? 

5.  When we think about the future, where do we see our business? 

6.  What resources do we need now that we have not created yet? 

7.  What could our future look like? 

8.  What would happen if we were successful (at this new idea)?  

9.  What does failure look like here and what would it feel like? 

10. How can we build it together?  



2.    Block off self-reflection/ meditation time/ go outside if you can


Setting aside time to self-reflect or go for a walk helps tremendously with relieving built-up stress and tension that develops over the workday. It also helps boost your decision-making skills since you’ll be focused on the present moment. There are several areas on Nova Places’ Campus to find peace, quietness or go for a walk. If it’s the wintertime and you can’t walk to one of the nearby parks, or sit on a bench outside, you can always choose to walk laps on the upper level of the Concourse or take a rest on one of the several couches or chairs in the area. How do you get back in your zone?



3.    Stand / Hot Desking/ Time Blocks


Creativity is not linear. Encourage team-based activity so that others can idea share similar thoughts of their own. What better way than by utilizing a coworking space?


When people don’t necessarily have an assigned desk like inAlloy 26, or even if you have fewer desks than people, a trend called hot-desking, people can sit wherever they want. It can help both community and creativity.


It also provides individuals with the opportunity to work on an “as need be” basis, without having an obligated desk every day if you choose not to do so. You can choose the plan that works best for you. Alloy 26 offers membership plans anywhere from a single day pass to having your own dedicated desk to unlimited access with on-site parking included!


Check out all of the membership options here!


Some other great tips to fall back on are below:


Get your hardest work done first! Get the thing you don’t want to do out of the way and then the rest of your day will come by much easier.


Standing during breaks or even while working if you can, can help improve concentration.

Read more at:


Additionally, if you choose to partake in any of these how to be creative in the workplace trends and you are an Alloy 26 member, there’s also several other mind easing activities such as ping pong, the gathering area whenever members can enjoy coffee and snacks, as well as choosing from a selection of games and books to read from when you need a little break.


Be sure to let us know which tip you find the most useful. What helps you stay inspired, focused, and creative in the workplace?

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