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Fitry Lentz
Events and Operations Specialist

I graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and minors in Business & Criminology. My passion for Public Relations grew through my involvement in student government and various collegiate programs. After college, I worked as a social media and marketing specialist before joining the coworking industry in 2022. I now love my career in events and coworking! I'm currently pursuing certificates in Graphic Design, Corporate Strategy, Nonprofit Law, and Cultural Organizations. I enjoy human interactions, and exploring new cultures. I am excited for what's to come at Alloy 26 and Nova Place!

Alison Yee
Business and Development Manager

With a strong background in communications and a passion for relationship building, I specialize in driving business growth through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, which is why I love working at Alloy 26! My career has been centered around fostering meaningful connections and leveraging them to create mutually beneficial opportunities. I am dedicated to empowering teams, navigating challenges with resilience, and achieving collective goals through effective communication and partnership development strategies.