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Alloy 26 Influencers: Homemade In The Kitchen

If you are a current Alloy 26 member, you may have noticed some rather delicious food for you to sample in our kitchen.  Well, it’s time to know the story behind all of those savory treats.

Meet Carla Cardello, recipe developer, food photographer, and food writer.  She’s way more than just a blogger- she also gets hired by clients for freelance work….real clients (more on that below).  Formerly under the name “Chocolate Moosey,” she has created the brand “Homemade In The Kitchen,” where she develops, tests, recreates, styles, and shoots incredible recipes.

Here’s a little Q&A to get a behind the scenes look at Carla’s passion and career:

Q: How did you get to where you are today?

A: I started my food blog as a side project in 2007 to keep me busy outside of college and work. As the site grew, clients started reaching out to me about developing and shooting recipes using their products. In 2014, I quit my day job and started doing recipe development, photography, and writing full time.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: The fun thing about my job is there is no typical day. Some days I test recipes in my kitchen. Some days I shoot in my studio. Other days I write and do admin work on the computer. When I say I develop recipes, a brand says “I need a recipe featuring XYZ product or ABC theme”, I go in my kitchen and create said recipe. Once I’m satisfied with the results, I shoot and style the recipe.

The brand then uses this content in their marketing, such as their website or recipe cards. Examples:

Q: What has been your biggest customer success story?

A: Last year I signed a year-long contract with Walmart to develop and shoot recipes for their website.

Q: What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

A: Trusting myself and reminding myself how everything has worked out up to this point, so I will figure it out and keep going like I have in the past.

Q: What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?

A:  1.You’re not going to be successful overnight with a blog. It’ll take time, probably a minimum of a year before you start seeing any form of income from it. And that’s only if you work really hard on building your audience every day. So many people tell me they’re going to start a blog then get frustrated and quit a month later when growth doesn’t happen right away.

2. You will be doing dishes. Lots and lots of dishes.

3. Every year something changes. You will need to adapt or you will be left behind.

Q: Where do you see the future of your industry?

A: Blogging will never go away, but it is constantly changing. Right now, everyone is focusing on SEO because social media platforms are becoming more and more unreliable for promoting content.

Q: What do you want people in the coworking community to know about Alloy 26?

A: The hardest part about any coworking space is meeting people because everyone is working, so you don’t want to interrupt. Alloy 26 does a great job setting up events and activities to get us involved with the space and talking to each other.

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